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The Pro version of Poedit unlocks additional features and is a great choice for professional translators, power users (and others!). In addition to the free version, it has quite a few benefits:

Personal Support

Poedit is community-supported, but the Pro comes with direct, personal support from the developer himself. If you are struggling with Poedit or Gettext, I'm here to help.

Word Count

Professionals need statistics to get paid. Poedit's word count is language-aware, conforms to the latest Unicode Standard and has built-in, dictionary-based support for text in languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Thai.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

The Pro version comes with extra smarts: it understands WordPress themes and plugins. When you need to make a new translation, it sets everything up for you — even if you don't know anything about gettext (or would rather not waste time learning it all). You can focus on translating the texts, without having to worry about the technical details.

Or you could, you know, do it the old fashioned manual way in the free version of Poedit. But the pro way is so much better.

More to Come

This is just the beginning. With a Poedit Pro license, you will recieve all Poedit Pro 1.x updates for free. The updates won't be just maintenance, they will be adding more pro features. Buy today and you will get all the future benefits for the current low price.