How to report bugs

When reporting bugs or problems, please ALWAYS write what platform and which Poedit version you are using! Include as many relevant(!) information as you can and make it as detailed as possible. Read this article and this one as well. If you are reporting a crash, please read this. Try to identify the exact cause of the problem, narrow it down. Provide exact description of how can I reproduce the problem. If needed, attach a small(!) test .po file that I can use. Look into the bug tracker to see if somebody else reported the same thing before. If you're a programmer, the best you can do is to attach a patch that fixes the bug. Thanks in advance!

Where to look for help

There are several things you can do in case of problems:

Contact info

You can also contact me personally at (please include the word "Poedit" somewhere in the subject, together with a brief summary of your message).